Oil Well – Engine / Performance: OK to use urine instead of oil?

Oil Well?


Ernie Wolfe, North Chesterfield, VA, 2001 Dodge Dakota 3.9 ltr

Repair shop just changed oil and put in 5W-20 weight in my 2001 Dakota 3.9, V6. I only drive about 1450 miles per year in Richmond, VA. Truck has 97800 miles on it. Will this harm my engine?
Thank you, Ernie



Bad idea. That’s a 10W30 engine FOR SURE. You can also use straight SAE30 in warm weather. The 3.9L / 5.2L / 5.9L have far too loose clearances for the warm beer they dumped in. Change it ASAP.

The cheap-O fix: Drain only 2 quarts out, add 2 quarts of 15W40 or 15W50.


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