Smallblock and 727 or 518 For ’47 Chrysler

Tech Question


Rich Mastriano, Jacksonville, FL, 1947 Chrysler Windsor 250

How can I install a small block engine and 727(or a518) trans in a 1947 Chrysler Windsor?
Is there a kit or do I have to modify the mounts?
I’d like to install something out of a ’90’s van with the EFI attached (just like your Savoy!!).

Thanks for your help!!

Rich, you’re 100% on your own with this. The MP wiring harness and computer setup, which should be available by the late fall (a guess!), will make the wiring a snap. But everything else – and I mean everything – will need to be custom fabricated. Not necessarily difficult, just custom.

Since, at this point, the avaialbility of the MP stuff looks good, I’d go out on a limb and say you could begin the swap now. There will surely be a MP computer, non-emissions, for use with a dead-stock (beer barrel intake) 360 Magnum, which is exactly what I would recommend for you. You’ll love it!


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