Oil Grade For Newer Engines

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Ken Sanderson, Oliver, BC, Canada, 72 Plymouth Duster 440

Greeting Rick. Last November I sent you a question aboutcams. When I sent the e-mail I thought there would be a good chance Iwouldn’t get a reply due to the volume of questions you must receive. To mysurprise not only did you reply, but the reply came the very next day. I wasvery impressed with the quality of your answer. I have for some time nowenjoyed reading your responses to the many different kinds of questionspublished in MOPAR ACTION. I would like to thank you for your valuableservice. Of course I would like to end with a question. This question isabout oil: I have always used 10W-30 engine oil in my vehicles. I have beenlooking to buy a newer vehicle and have noticed that some manufacturersrecommend 5W-20 engine oil. Why would 5W-20 be preferred over a more viscousoil like 10W-30. Also do you think that synthetic oil is worth the price.


Newer engines have become more precise, like Swiss wathces. Less clearances.Some mfrs. even recommend 0W-20! I’d use exactly what they recommend,especially for the 3 colder seasons. In hot weather, lots of high speeds,I’d throw caution ot the wind and use 10W-30 or 10W-40!

Synthetics are surely worth it. The question is: Do you run a realy, tuesynthetic, made from PAO base, like Mobil 1, or a cheaper “Group 3″synthetic (most other common “store bought” brands). Answer: In mysuper-high-power stuff, I use the M-1, which is what Chrysler uses asfactory fill in Vipers, in the old Shelby cars, etc. In everything else, Iuse Wal-Mart’s own brand of full synthetic, which is under $3/quart whenbought in a 5-qt. jug here in the states.


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