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David Vander Veer, Woodbine, MD, 1980, Dodge Peacepeeker 360

Mr. Ehrenberg,
I am a fleet supervisor for a local govt.(Howard County). In our fleet isan APC, amoured personel carrier. I have been tasked by my supervisor to update this unit. It is a surplusair force unit. This unit was aquired by us in 1997. It is based on a W350chassis. It has a 360/auto combination with Spicer axles, #60 in he frontand 70 in the rear. It is presently carbureted. The tire size is 9.50×16.5″.Gross vehicle weight is approx. 10000 lbs with full crew and gear.

I am leaning toward the Mopar crate engine with 320hp/385lbft engine.Obviously I will have to upgrade the transmission. I do not know what theaxle ratio is. At this point I am just trying to get some costs worked up. Ihave quite a bit of flexibility. Whaddya think? What combination would youuse?

It is used by our local police and surrounding jurisdictions


Dave, obviously any 360 is gonna be taxed to the max in this application.While the MP crate engine is surely the easy way out, I’d really like to seea ’92-03 stock 360 Magnum in there – complete with the SMPI and beer-barrelintake. You can’t beat that setup for low-end grunt, which is what you needwith 5 tons!

I’ve been working with the engineers at Mopar Performance developing awiring harness, sensor, and injector kit to make this a simple task,hopefully, it will be a catalog item by the end of the year. While thisinstallation would be slightly more difficult than a carburetedinstallation, it would be well worth it. Follow along our new Project SavvySavoy for all the details.

The trans likely won’t need more than a freshening. Truck 727s were prettyhearty as-built.


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