Manual Trans For Stroker ’68 Coronet

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Steven Duke, Elmira, NY, 68 Dodge Coronet 512

I want to thank you for all the help you have given me in the past haveone more question for ya–I have a 68 coronet with a 512 stroker & built 727trans, 3:73 Dana & I was thinking of putting a manual trans in. Is there anybenefit in doing this other than the fun factor? I kinda have bad knees & Iknow some of the clutches can be a bear to depress & was wondering yourthoughts on this. If the man. trans. is the way to go where or who would Iget a trans from? I know the bellhousings are avail from Lakewood etc. I ampusing around 575-600 hp & the tq is in the mid-lower 600’s. I have herdhorror stories of certain swaps not fitting hackin’ this & that. A littlefab work is ok but I dont really want to hack up my car. So once again Iwill take you opinion like the word of God.

Thanks & keep up the great work!


Steve, a Keisler 5-speed, alum. flywheel, and diaphgram clutch would be LOTSof fun, and the cruising RPM would be something like 30% lower…win / win.Even gas milegae would be significantly improved, not that that matters inyour case. I’d be hard pressed to say that the 1/4-mile times would improve– they won’t — its hard to beat that torque converter for the first 60feet!

On your B-body, the Keisler is a real easy swap — figure a Saturday if youtake your time.

When all is said and done, M/T vs. A/T is a matter of personal choice — just as it was in 1968!


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