Max Wedge Ex Manifolds In ’64 Polara

Tech Question


craig sylvester, hedrick, IA, 1964 dodge polara 500, 383

am cloning to a 426 Max Wedge crossram with new reproductionupswept exhaust manifolds. Will this setup clear the original power steeringbox and power brake booster? Don’t think they were offered in 1964, butwould like to use them if I can. Thank you in advance



To the best of my admittedly-hazy recollections, the power steeringshouldn’t be a problem, but the power booster will have to go. You might -just might – be able to make the offset (upwards) booster from a ’70s A-bodywork and clear, but it seems like a lot of hassle just to keep somethingthat will work lousy anyway (think: PB needs vacuum, and you won’t have muchof that!)

1964 was one of the “freak” years where MB needs a different brake pedal,too.


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