Power Steering Modify ’64 ‘Cuda

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bob robeson, knoxville, TN, 1964, POlymouth, Barracuda 273

I am trying modify the power steering on my car. I have noroad feel above 30 mph as I’m sure you know. I would like your opinion ondoing the following: Replace the pump bypass valve spring with a weakerspring to allow more bypass and hopefully less steering assist. Have youever heard of anyone trying this, and was it successful? Any help with thiswould be very helpful. Enjoy your tech section and magazine.



That won’t do it. It will just run out of assist sooner when parking, etc.What needs to change are the flat-disc reaction springs (in the chuckitself) and it needs to be select hand-fit assembled, etc.

Truthfully, you’d be way ahead giving Firm Feel (www.firmfeel.com) theirdue!

And, if it were my A-body, it’d have 16:1 manual in about a half hour! (yes,from Firm Feel.) Also, cranking up the caster helps.


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