’70 Dart 340 Trans Problem

Tech Question


rick mullins, blue ridge, VA, 1970 Dodge Dart Swinger 340

ive been reading your columns since I was a kid and I’ve learned alot from your responses, but now I need advice. The car is a 340, 727, 8-3/4 sure grip 3.23 ratio. When I take off hard from a stop, the carwill spin about 20 ft. then it grabs traction, but the rpm’s wont pull back down. The transmission fluid is clean and doesn’t smell burnt at all. It also shifts normally under normal driving, no slips, no shudders. Could the Sure Grip be going bad? Is it a weak torque converter? Whadya think, Mopartech guru?


Rick, it can’t be the diff. When a SG fails, it just reverts to a normal1-legger diff. It pretty much has to be the tranny. Before ripping it out,be sure the KD linkage is working and adjusted properly (VERY important),then try a band adjustment.


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