Rear for ’87 360 Dakota

Tech Question


ike haney, cookeville TN, 1987 Dodge Dakota 360

Hi, I have a little project in my shop right now- an ’87Dakota, frame off, ’77 360, 10:1 flat tops, ’70 340 J heads ported andpolished, Edelbrock Streetmaster intake, and a 316 crane fireball cam. Thismill is somewhere around 450 horse range. When I got the truck it had a 28spline 8.8 inch ford rearend from under a mustang, it was junk so now I’mlooking for another. I found one from under a 77 Bandit Trans Am with 3.42posi. It seems like it measures out right to fit under but before I put oneunder I was wondering if you know of any that fit right under there withoutand problems and hold up under my power.


In a New York minute: I’d put in a stock Chrysler 9.25″ axle from a laterDak. Trouble free, strong, cheap parts, super-easy to service. And WAYstronger than any of that FoMoCo or GrandMother garbage.


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