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elliot rivera, bronx, NY, 1972 plymouth scamp, 440

I want my Scamp to run in the low 11-sec. bracket. What Ihave is stock stroke and bore ’67 440, stock bottom end including pistons,Eddy heads, Vic intake, 0.528″ MP solid cam, 950 Proform form double pumpcarb, trans has 10 inch 3500 Turbo Action converter, manual valve body,2.74 first gear, roller bearings, rear has Moser axles, #489 pumpkin with3:55:1 gears 28″ tires.

The question: Do you think it will need more gear?



There’s more angles to this than a drunken KGB agent. You’d actually needsome pretty high-power calculus, and a lot more data, to calculate thisproperly, so I have to simply go by my gut, and decades of experience. Asyou surely know, the short time (60′) is everything. You need plenty ofrubber, and suspension that really works — neither of which you’ve told mea single thing about. Ditto the vehicle weight and distribution, LSD orspool, etc. That makes this even more of a shot in the dark.

Offhand, even with the decent converter and low first gear, I think you’llwant something close to 4.10s. The problem will be spinning the engine, withthose boat-anchor pistons, through the lights. If it weren’t for thatfactor, I might even say to give 4.30s a shot.


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