Ronnis Charger – Mopar Action Article Extra


Ronni’s Charger – Mopar Action Article Extra

Ronni Steves, dying of cancer, made a wish to the Make A Wish foundation for a 1969 Dodge Charger. The teen had seen and had fallen in love with this model when she was 6 years old. She told her father at the time that she wanted a car just like that.

While the Make A Wish folks tried their best to come through, they were stiffed on a ’69 Charger project car on eBay. Then they gave up. Mike Mey and Dave Chamberlain picked up the ball and got the Mopar community behind the project (based on a second Charger, as the first was a total loss).

While Ronni passed away before the project was completed, we presume she was there is spirit (even if she wasn’t it still sounds good). Dave presented the car to her father at the Legendary Auto Interiors’ car show. It was an emotional moment for all concerned and even for those not concerned. After recovering from the emotional moment, the realization hit Dave: He had just given away a $60,000 automobile. Hey, but what’s a few bucks to make someone feel good, right?

Shown below along with a couple of photos of the car is the credits sign listing all the fine Mopar folks who pitched in and contributed various parts and services to help make Ronni’s wish come true, albeit posthumously.

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