Rock ‘n Roll

Rock ‘N’ Roll

By Phil DePages
Photos by TheBruntBros

A great turnout, a wide variety of Mopes helped make the 18th annual Mopars at The Rock a super event. The track was well-prepared, the show cars were shiny, and the spectators were on their good behavior, as well they should be. With nary a raindrop in the forecast, and gas prices way down from where they were at this time last year, there was nothing to hold back show and go Mo’fans from pouring into the excellent facility at Rockingham, NC. And pour they did. We didn’t have enough pages to show you everything in our October issue, so here’s some of the overflow of what poured in.

Racing action was hot with good ETs thanks to the well-prepped track.

Show car showing was hot thanks to well-prepped show field.

This laid-back racer was able to hear his favorite tune in its entirety while making a leisurely pass.

With 2-door vintage bodies coming harder to find for race car duty, this New Jersey hot shoe had to make do with a 4-door.

Bradley Cook, from Reedsville NC took his ’01 Super Ram 1500 to new heights in articulation. The Off-Road Edition sports a 6-inch Dick Cepeck Long Horn Kit, a 3-inch body lift and 38” rollers. The 360 Magnum runs a Hypertech programmer, and Gibson exhaust. Inside is a DVD player with two monitors for stereo vision. That Super Ram decal is an item off eBay.

Chas Little, from Elm City, NC wanted a special truck that he could hang his jacket on. So he created a one-of-a-kind coat hanger from an ’04 Ram that he calls Dam Ram. We know this is a family magazine, so cover your little ones’ eyes when you get to this truck. Hanging his jacket on a regular door just didn’t cut it for Chas, so he came up with these cool 90-degree Lambo doors, to give his jacket just the right casual “hang.” 24-inch wheels bring the doors up to the correct height so Chas doesn’t have to reach too high or too low for his jacket. Other items for his “jacket-hanger” Ram are a supercharger for the 5.7 Hemi, TVs in the headrests, a Playstation 2, killer sound system and more. With a truck like this to hang your jacket on, Chas just can’t wait to take his jacket off.

This Challenger breathes better with four nostrils instead of just two.

Parts hounds could have picked up this 4.56 35-spline rear with spool for a cool $500.

How about a Fury III dash for a measly ten bucks? Those guys ought to coin a slogan: “I found it at the Rock.”

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