Six Pack idling

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Jan Wärnström, Katrineholm, Sweden, 70 Challenger T/A Six-Pack 340

Rick, my friend Conny drives a ’70 T/A Challenger 340 Six Pack since ’77.I know that you like the six pack and have driven this combo. for many yearswith good experience, and hopeful you can solve his idling problem? Thecarburetors are original (he thinks), the idle is 1500 rpm whatever he does.And the fuel economy is poor, 2 liters for 10 km with 727-A and 3.55:1 rearaxle ratio.
Do you need more spec. info.?


Jan, 99%, there’s a vacuum leak somewhere! Could be anything from PCV valve,to intake gasket, to cracked carburetor base, etc. The sloppy, messy, butfast way to track it down is by squirting heavy oil everywhere – when youhit the leak, idle will slow down for at least a few moments. The cleanerway is with a mechanic’s stethoscope (although, if the intake gasket isleaking on the bottom side, neither method will track it down.)

I’m assuming all the usual problem areas have been checked.

One desperation measure: remove both end carbs, install home-made block offplates, see if that has any affect.

You’re right, I have logged probably 100,000 miles (OK, 161,000 Km) behindSix Packs!


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