Carb For 318

Tech Question


Daniil, Moscow, 74, Plymouth, Scamp, 318

HI! Which of listed below carbs is more suitable for my car:
Holley 650CFM, Rochester – M4M, Carter AFB, Carter (2-bbl,from Ram Van), or would you like to suggest me some other model?


Dan- it all depends on what you plan to do with the Scamp, and what modifications you have made or are planning. If you just need to get this car on the roads around Moscow, to show everyone what a 1970’s “small” US car was like, I would certainly suggest the 2-Bbl from the RamVan – it should be a very easy installation, almost a bolt-on.

But if you are trying to increase horsepower, to have some fun meltingyour tires into Moscow’s cobblestones streets, either the AFB or the 650 Holley will help you get there. A dual-plane intake manifold, a slighly more aggressive camshaft, and a locally-made dual-exhuast setup would sure go a long way towards this goal.

Boy, would we like to see pictures of this car in Red Square!


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