Red Tidings – Mopar Action Article Extra

Our February ’08 issue featured some great exterior/engine/interior shots of Carl Fierimonte’s factory promotional 1970 Six-Pack Challenger. So what’s it like underneath? Detailed or disgusting? We won’t keep you in suspense any longer. These in-focus shots, in colour, no less, give you the underside scoop, and show that the bottom is just as primo as the top, and vice-versa.

Highly detailed undercarriage. Lower control arms cosmoline coated as factory. All tie rod ends are NOS w/ factory snapable zerk fittings. Original strut rods, center link, idler arm calipers were restored using a special process to replicate the factory drop forged look. No suspension parts were painted. Note slight surface rust on components as you would have seen even on a new car. All factory inspection markings were documented, researched and re-applied. Other details include factory drips on torsion bars and runs on bottom of oil pan replicate the assembly line quality. The oil filter pictured is incorrect but at $1000.00 for the NOS assembly line filter, it will be reserved for OE judging next year.

Factory markings were documented, researched and re-applied to the original Dana 60 rear axle. This car is equipped with the Super Track Pack 4.10 Sure Grip rear.

Original exhaust hangers and clamps were restored and re-used. NOS exhaust extensions were installed.

NOS front shocks and NOS front brake hoses were installed.

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