Manifold for ’77 360

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jordan o’neill, dublin, OH, 1977 dodge royal monaco 360

I have a 1977 Royal Monaco with a 360. Some guys I workwith own Mustangs and are constantly razzing me about my Mopar, so I wantbeef it up and show them all about the Mopar legacy. I am going to put a4bbl carb on my car but I was wondering which intake manifold if any wouldmaximize my horsepower?


Jordan, my advice is to not spend a lot of $$$ on it. A cheap (used) stockcast iron 4-Bbl manifold and some cheap headers are about as far as I wouldgo. It’s a real nice cruiser but keep in mind it IS 5000+ pounds, you couldpractically put the Mustang in the trunk! You’d need a 528″ stroker 440, or20 PSI on a “built” 360, to really get the job done, so I suggest keeping itclose to stock and buying something lighter – Duster, Dart, etc., to goshoot ponies.


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