’90 Ram Front-End Rebuild

Tech Question


Harold Davidson, Racine, WI, Good Ole’ USA!, 1990 Dodge Ram 150 4×2 360 Gas

I am looking to rebuild the whole front end on my truck. Iwould like to improve the ratio of my power steering. Is there anyinterchange with any of the old boxes with the fast ratio or firm feel (Ihave contacted Firm Feel and they don’t do truck boxes) or do you have anyneat tricks up your sleeve to come close to a modern truck? I know it’s atruck and don’t expect it to handle like a Viper, but prefer it be betterthan a Aircraft Carrier. Thanks, Harold



Your truck has a (GM) Saginaw box, I know GM products had variable andfast-ratio options. However, the Chrysler version of the Saginaw boxprobably cannot be directly replaced by the Chevy version, although I haveeyeballed the Chevy and it sure looks identical; A-1 Cardone shows a fastratio (2½ turn L-L) rebuilt unit for, EG, the ’82 Camaro. I’d find an outfitthat specializes in GM rebuilds, and ask them if they can put theperformance “guts” into the Chrysler housing / shaft setup or if only someother minor external parts swap is required.

I am, however, sure that reducing the line pressure will help road feel.


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