PS Brackets For Non-A/C 400 Charger

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Randy Courtwright, Springfield, IL, 1966 Dodge Charger, 400

I am putting a 400 into my Charger and I was wondering if you have anypictures of the power steering pump brackets for a non a/c motor. Also wouldyou know were I could get these brackets. I would appreciate your helpgreatly. Thank you. Randy Courtwright


Randy, P.S. brackets, on V-8 engine cars, in all cases / all years, are thesame with and without A/C. It’s the year-to-year differences that will driveyou nuts!

Trying to mix and match pulleys and brackets from different year setups is afutile effort. One glance at the parts catalogs and you’ll know why – therewere literally hundreds of permutations. Yes, you might luck out, but, in myexperience, the only sure-fire way is to find a complete, stock, assembledengine, and take all the brackets and pulleys. The engine can be basicallyany year, as long as it’s the same “family”. About the only thing you mightwant to be aware of is that the crank pulley changed from a nonsymmetricalto a symmetrical bolt pattern in 1972. But post/pre-’72 swaps simply requirethat one bolt hole in the crank pulley be elongated with a rat-tail file.

Hoffman’s Winners Circle has a great line of repro pulley and brackets, andMarch Performance has CNC aluminum stuff.


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