’70 Swinger Brake Rotors

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Robert Zieller, Middletown CT, 1970 Dodge Dart Swinger 340

Hi Rich, I need to replace the front brake rotors on my 1970Dart Swinger 340. I see all the rotors for sale aftermarket do not have thehub on it. Can I press old hub off rotor and press it on the new rotor? Ifnot what do you think I should do? Also what type of engine oil should Iuse? I had many quarts of oil I bought back in the 80’s and am running out.Iread sometime ago to use diesel engine oil for the additives that are in it.Thank you for your time Robert.


You can press it back together, but odds are you’ll then have to have it cut(machined), or else the pedal will pulsate, etc.

The only current oil I’m aware of with enough ZDDP to save flat tappet camsis Mobil 1 15W50. Otherwise, use any oil with a pure ZDDP additive dumpedin. (Don’t go nuts only need 1200-1500 PPM, and modern oils have 600-800.)I’d not go thinner than 10W30, however. The Oct., 2010 issue of MA willcover this topic in detail.


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