Ring Around a Posey

Ring Around A Posey

The legacy of Sam Posey continues with the G5 Sam Posey Edition Challenger. Back when Sam drove 1970 Dodge Challenger T/As in Trans Am competition, Dodge had built two cars for him—Nos. 76 and 77. The background of the modern incarnation of the Posey Editions started in 2007. Chris Wilkins of G5 and designer John McBride were looking to develop a car with a road race-inspired flavor. They came up with an initial design as an Evernham Motorsports car. Evernham eventually backed out of the deal, so Wilkins and McBride researched race car drivers for a tie-in and came upon Sam Posey. Sam agreed to endorse the project, with the caveat that G5 would donate $1000 to Parkinson’s Research for every Posey car they built.. Sam, unfortunately, suffers from this debilitating disease.


Since its debut, this ’08 Challenger SRT8 has been very well received by Mo’fans, and attracts crowds at its public outing. As reported in our first-hand drive report in the October ’09 issue, The Posey Edition is essentially a race car for the street, equally at home on the road or track.



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