400 Block For Stroker

Tech Question


Dan Kreiser, Perry Hall, MD, 70’s, Chry.,Dodge,Plymouth, 400

Is there a particular 400 ci. block to use when going to astroker crank to build a 500)ci. pump gas engine? What crank manufacturerbuilds good stroker cranks?

Thanks Dan



There were a few early-’72 blocks that were slightly beefier in the webbingarea, but, for all intents and purposes, use any one you find, ’72-78.

All the forged 4.150″ cranks on the market seem to come out of the samefoundry in China. There are several outfits that import, machine, finish,harden, etc., and sell them, some are Eagle Specialty, Scat, and CAT Power.The MP ones come from Scat as far as I know. Callies offers forged crankswith strokes of 4.500″ and up! Beyond that, if it’s bucks-no-object, thereare always billets.


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