’74 Scamp Control Arm Stud Tube

Tech Question


mark tatman, chillicothe OH, 1974 plymouth scamp 318

My front passanger side tire leans in at the top, it grabswhen going into a curve, would this be a upper or lower ball joint? Orsomething else? I noticed it yesterday when I got to work, it seems like ithas a bad wheel bearing, because it felt like driving on tires that haveflat spots, that started on my way to work.



With limited info, best guess: Control arm stud tube has broken free inK-member. Needs to be come apart and be checked carefully. If the wheelbearing is “that” bad, the wheel will be lying on the side of the road verysoon.

It is unlikely, but not impossible, that ball joints and/or control armbushings are shot, but they usually slowly wear out, not suddenly increasenegative camber by a large amount as you describe.


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