Shaker Hood On 340 Indy Intake

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Kevin Will, Houston, TX, 1971 Dodge Challenger, 340

I would like to put a Shaker hood on my 340 poweredChallenger. Would the new Shaker bubble and hood fit properly if I installedthe new 340 Indy intake? Also I would like to keep my air conditioning. Ihave been told Shaker cars didn’t come with AC because the compressor andShaker Bubble interfere with each other. If this is the case, what can I doto keep Air conditioning in my car? Could I use a different/smaller ACcompressor with my Factory air conditioning system. Thank you for your help.


If you mean “will this conglomeration of aftermarket parts just bolttogether like stock”?, the answer is simple: no way.Can trick stuff like this be done? Sure, it’s done every day. It’s called”backyard engineering”. In your case, a new lower shaker pan would need tobe fabbed, as well as mounts and lines for a smaller, modern A.C.compressor. (Might as well go to R-134 at this point.)

If you can MIG, TIG, bend, drill, mill, etc., go to work.

If your tool collection is from Wal-Mart, stop right now, before you hurtyourself, and, maybe, damage a cool E-body.


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