Best Oil For 440

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dan reid, portland OR 1971 dodge charger 500 , 440

I have just finshed my 440 for my Charger. I am sureyou have gone over this many times, you know, some of us are slow. So, canyou please tell me the best oil to run for the street, I am a single Dad andit took me a lot of penny jars to buy my parts and I would to keep it arounda bit so I would like to run the best lube I can buy at the parts store.
Thanks, Dan Reid.



First 3,000 mies: any brand 15W40 diesel oil.
After that: Mobil 1, 10W30 in winter, 15W50 otherwise. You can use 10W30year ’round if the hot oil pressure (idle, in gear if A.T.) is at least 20PSI. Might be cheaper at Wal-Mart. Sometimes they run a special on a 5-quart jug.


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