Power Steering With Manual Column

Tech Question


Bill JJ, Lynbrook, NY, 72 Plymouth Duster 360

Can you tell me the technical reason – if a good oneexists – for NOT collapsing the manual steering column on an A-body to fit apower steering box?

I’ve heard that this is a no-no, but no one seems to be able to provide mewith an accurate technical reason as to why? Is it dangerous?

I’ve heard that it’s just a matter of removing the plastic pin and itslides up. Since it’s attached on both ends, how can this be a bad thing?I’m sure you must know about this so if you can offer information … andif necessary a way to do this a different way, I’d very very appreciative.Thanks and best regards,



To be safe, I’d pull the pin, remove the inner shaft, and shorten it by theamount you need to slide it up. This removes the risk of it bottoming outand going solid in a crash. Ouch.

Redrill as required, then, if the pin is re-useable, reinstall it. if not,use a plastic nut and bolt.


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