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Will King, Floyds Knobs, IN, 1966 Dodge Charger 383

First you magazine rocks. Now for the matter at hand. Ihave a 1966 Dodge Charger with a ’68 383 in it. I am looking for the bestperformance out of it that I can get but still be able to have a easycruiser. (Too many people on the street think these cars are grandma tanks)Right now it is stock but I have put a 750 cfm eldabrock carb on it. Whatwould be your advice on intake and cam?. Keep in mind that I have AC and nopower brakes.



The stock ’68 383 was a pretty hot engine to begin with: 906 heads, goodintake, 440 Magnum cam, 10:1 compression, etc. About the only think I’dchange is maybe a tad more cam – the MP 280-degree hydraulic would be a goodstarting point. The stock intake is a pretty good piece, the the lack of A/Cmounting bosses on most aftermarket manifolds is a god reason to stay stock!

Beyond that you have to think “system”…i.e., incremental changes invirtually all parts of the engine – no magic bullet. Head work, smallheaders (think: Schumacher Tri-Ys), 2.5” duals, smallish single-planeintake, etc. – with upgrades like this, picking up 50 – 60 HP is prettyeasy.

In the meantime, be sure your stock engine is all that it can be. Is thetiming right? Compression equal in all 8 holes? Secondaries opening fully?


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