’77 New Yorker Part-Out

Tech Question


jeff robenolt, montello, WI, 1977 chry new yorker 400

I have the chance to get a 77 New Yorker for $50. Is the motor worth holding on to?
The tag reads fb 400 4.ce. The trans looks like a 727 but is it a big block?
The rearend was not a 8 3/4. Is there anything else worth saving?
How can I tell if the car had the towing package and if it does is thetrans more beefy .


Yes, defintely scap it and part it out.
The 400 is a big block, great for building 451 / 472 / 496.
The tranny IS a 727B.
The rear axle is a 9.25″. Strong, light, easy to work on.
Good steering box, big fat tie rods, etc.All this is good stuff!
You’d need to check the fender tag for trailer tow, but it makes littledifference for the stuff you’ll be saving.


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