Moparfest Still Packs Them In at New Hamburg – Mopar Action Article Extra

By Don Wagner
Photos by Sarah Schertzer

The 28th annual Moparfest show consumed the Town of New Hamburg, Ontario, bringing Mopar mayhem, their show vehicles, and thousands of spectators.

Over 16,000 Mo’fans, and 1350 show cars packed the 28th Annual Moparfest.
Wonder how many came from south of the border.

Held on August 18 and 19th it was refreshing to finally see two days without rain drowning out on the event. Saturday was a perfect day for an outdoor car show, and the Mopars came in record numbers – considering Saturday is usually 60% of the Sunday turnout. This year, the Saturday turnout was way up.

Sunday’s weather was cool and overcast, and it was raining to the south and west, but not in New Hamburg.

Overall show vehicle attendance was similar to past years – with 1350 vehicles over the two days. However, spectator attendance was up over 10% from last year, with 16,250 people on site over the weekend. Had the weather on Sunday been better, they would have reached all new attendance numbers.

For the first time ever – the Vendor field was sold out 2 weeks in advance of the event. All 190 spaces were sold, with over 50% of Vendors prepaying for their spots for next year, before they left.

The Arena was again a showcase of 24 Special Interest vehicles, covering all original older luxurious Chryslers with as much exterior wood as a barn– to all-out immaculately restored muscle cars, to vintage rods.

Mopars in all sizes and flavors. Those Canadians really like their trucks.

Moparfest played host to a group of seven special visitors from down under in Australia. Milton and Bev Bond and their entourage were given an official Canadian welcome by the town Mayor, the local MPP, and the areas MP. They all brought gifts from Canada, so our Australian friends could officially remember their trip.

As always, main stage entertainment is a big part of the show, and this year Rolly Rocker and the Hemi Heads, and the Shelly Rastin Band, provided first class sounds.

Two very lucky winners of the 50-50 draws held both days. On Saturday. George MacMillian won $4703.00. On Sunday, Bob Lorentz took home $ 5480.00

All Saturday participants had a chance at 5.7-litre Hemi Engine door prize, as supplied by Chrysler Canada, and the 13 local participating Chrysler Dealers. An Elimination Draw, left Terry Crowe as the last man standing and the winner of this awesome engine valued at close to $10,000.00 dollars.
The winning continued on Sunday with Max Parker of Dorchester taking the Grand Prize – an extremely healthy 1974 Challenger – 383 4 barrel. He was the holder of the only key of a total of 10 that would start the car – now he owns it. Hot wiring was not allowed.

Max Parker won the ’74 383 Challenger, and Ian Lee took home the ’70 340 Dart Swinger.
The winners’ families, friends and hangers-on crowded in for the photo op.

For 13 years now – the New Hamburg Optimist Club have participated with their annual Mopar Car Draw. This draw came about when spectators that attend Moparfest, told organizers, that they too would like a chance to win a car. This year it was Ian Lee of Oshawa who was the lucky ticket holder that allowed him the win the 1970 Dodge Dart 340 Swinger.

Keep in mind that all funds raised are donated to many local youth and community organizations, who dearly need funding to carryout their annual programs. Each year a financial budget is set, and a target goal is established to assist these organizations. This year’s target was $145,000.00 dollars, which was to be raised from all aspects of Moparfest activities, including the Car Draw. We’re happy to report that $140,000.00 was raised for 2007. This brings the accumulated total raised by Moparfest over the years to $1,500,000.00. Moparfest is the only major Mopar show of its kind to donate the proceeds to charities. Mopar Action tried to sneak on the list of charities, but they were quickly spotted by our eagle-eyed overseers. Nice try, MA.

At the conclusion of the event – both 2008 Giveaway Cars were unveiled. A fully restored 1970 440 Road Runner, will be the Grand prize to be won by a pre-registered show vehicle participants. The 2nd vehicle – the New Hamburg Optimist Ticket Car, is a beautifully restored 1971 383 Dodge Super Bee.
Both cars will soon be displayed on the event web site
Check the web site often to see as 2008 show details become final and are added.

Mark your calendars for August 16th and 17th (always the 3rd weekend of August),
for Moparfest 2008.

The mobile dyno proved to be a popular attraction. Nothing like hearing an engine go to the max—or even beyond.

Terry Crowe (the one shaking hands) won the 5.7 Hemi crate engine (the one in the orange crate).

When you’re all Mopar’d out, why not curl up with a good book.
This best-seller title, as well as we could make out,
is “I Passed For White,” by Richard Ehrenberg.

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