IT’S A MOD, MOD, MOD, MOD WORLD – Mopar Action Article Extra

Plymouth made 17 ‘Cudas with the wild Mod Top option in 1970. But only one of these was a Hemicuda. When noted Mopar collector, Steven Juliano, learned about that, he set out to find this elusive car. When he did finally locate this one-of-one ‘Cuda, it was far from the way it left the factory. Steve had to undergo a full restoration (and so did the car). As we mentioned in the article on Steve’s ’69 factory Dart Swinger, also in this issue, Steve dove into his treasure trove of assembly line parts for the under hood details. And he found a virgin original ‘Cuda as the donor car for suspension, interior, hardware etc. so virtually everything you see here is assembly line-correct. Here again, you can blow up these images full-screen to study the details of what “original” looks like.

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