Mini Smallblock

Mini Smallblock


Dan Pyfer, Janesville, WI, 1966 Dodge Coronet

I have a good running rebuilt 273 with comp cam, Edelbrockintake, 600 carb, Hooker Cer. headers 904 trans that I want to sell. It isin and running, pulling out to put in 400 and 727 combo. What should I askfor the 273 and trans? It’s in show condition.

Thanks Rick



First a brief discussion, as usual, then a wild guess!

The only slice of Mopar life that seems to have any interest in 273s are early A-body guys. They want them, typically, for either 100-point restorations (date matching, etc.) or clone-building. For that group of potential customers, however, the trans needs to be cable-shifted, the manifolds (all 3) stock, also the carb, and, especially, the air cleaner and ribbed black-crackle valve covers…none of which it soulds like you have.

For everyone else, there’s much greater demand for larger smallblocks, especially 360s with 308 or Magnum heads. It is just so easy to make big power with them!

I guess there’s no harm in asking a high price — which would be, at most, $1K for everything. If it doesn’t move, you can always come down, right?


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