’66 Sport Fury Engine

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Chuck Cox, Lisbon, ME, 1966 Plymouth Sport Fury 2DR HT, 4SPD 383HP

I am third owner of this car, Second owner removed orig.383HP to put in a drag car he built. He put in a junkyard 383, the junkyardwrote on valve cover “71 Fury”. I would like to build an engine that is asclose to orig. as I can as far as the block is concerned. My ref. books showthat in 66 a 383 was an F code. The car had a G code, which does not show upuntil 67, along with the F code. Am I right or wrong in looking for the eng.codes on a 383 at the right front of the block by the dist.? How do I knowwhen I am looking at the the block that is closest to what my car came with?Someone I spoke with while looking said that mopar did not make an HP until’67 and my car was probably a late year production 66 in order to get a Gcode HP that was really a ’67HP block.

Can you or someone you know educate me on this issue before I buy ablock that is not what I am looking for? Thank-you.


Chuck, before 1968, there was no VIN on the block. And there’s actually nosuch thing as a “HP” block. So all that really matters is having the correctcasting date (~15 to 90 days earlier than the car’s build date) and correctyear on the stampi g pad near the distributor (1966 = B, 1971=G).


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