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Howard Willey, Newcastle, CA, 1965 Plymouth Sport Fury 383

Richard, I just bought a standard bore 440 engine that has aMaltese Cross on it. The numbers 10 & 1 are also stamped on it. I would liketo build this engine close to stock for truck or C-body duty. Is thereanything special I need to do to the mains when doing a rebuild? By the waythe engine was cast 6/29/65, have you seen any earlier cast dates for 440’s?Thanks Howard



If it isn’t stamped “M” or “R”, you’ll need to mike it up to see whichjournals are U/S (might also be stamped on the front counterweight). There’ssupposed to be an “X” for 0.010″ U/S journals, but this isn’t carved instone. 0.001″ U/S bearings can be had, so, if the crank measures and looksOK, you might get away without a cut.

That is the earliest 440 block I have seen. The ’66 blocks were a bit weakerthan the later ones, but, if there’s no cracks 45 years later, I’d say ithas passed the test of time!

I’m sure you’re aware that the heads on that engine were pretty lousy. Ifyou don’t wanna shell out for aluminum, find a clean pair of 452s or 346sand bolt ’em on. Assuming stock pistons, these will drop the CR by a pointor so for pump-gas compatibility, add hardened seats, and probably pick up10-20 HP even with the lower compression.


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