Lugnut Direction

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Vincent orsini, STATEN ISLAND NY, 1970 Dodge Challenger 318

Lug nuts (LH) are removed in what direction? RH is theopposite of LH? Also, having 14″ rims, 1/2″ or 7/16″ thread? Thanks.



Yes, RH is the opposite of LH. So, yes, to loosen the LHT lugs, which willonly be on the left side of the car, you turn them clockwise. This was trueon all Mopars, cars and trucks, through 1971. If this setup is causing ahassle, just change the studs and nuts on the left side to RHT. Theadvantage of the LHT was purely theoretical, I know of no cases of”self-uncrewing” lugs, if properly torqued (80-95 ft./lbs), on ’72-upMopars.

Only the compacts (Valiant, Dart, pre-’70 ‘Cuda) used 7/16″ studs and nuts.
Yours are 1/2″.


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