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josh shakl, Lake Havasu, AZ, 1972 dodge charger 440

Hi rick, im 16 years old and I just bought my first car: a1972 Dodge Charger SE with a 440 in it. I am rebuilding the 440 right nowand my qustion is this: I bought a Edelbrock perfomance cam and intake kitand they say I need headers, but every one that I talk to says that the oldexhaust manifolds will work and the the headers will always come lose sodon’t get them. I don’t know what to do, please help.


Josh, the OEM hi-po manifolds are pretty good. As long as you back them upwith a full 2.5″ H-pipe system you’ll be fine, it is possible to make 450+HP with them, assuming a cam profile designed with them in mind. Really goodheaders (such as TTIs) won’t loosen and will make quite a bit more power,but they aren’t cheap, however, if you budget permits them, don’thesitate — you’ll be laying the groundwork for even more power output inthe future.


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