360 Lean Burn

Tech Question


Jesse Yacyshyn, Fallis, AB, Canada, 1979 Chrysler Cordoba 360

The build sheet of my car says it is equiped with lean-burn. Where is itlocated and what does it do? Also i’ve heard if you have lean-burn youshould get rid of it, is this true? thanks for the great mag.



The most obvious part of the ELB system was a big computer hanging off theair cleaner. If it was still there, you’d know about it.

No reason to dump it unless it’s causing grief. Many ELBs were dumpedbecause they were misunderstood, or incorrectly blamed for maladies whichactually had roots elsewhere. Of course, if the engine is “worked”(modified) in any way, then it’s gotta go.


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