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joel sampson, AZ 1971 plymouth duster 360

O Guru of Gas, O Preacher of Power, O Merchant of Muscle.
I sold my Green Brick (72 Dart Swinger) this week, so its time to do the71 Duster thing. I want to upgrade to late model running gear. I found a 2001 360 w/a518with 37,000 miles for $3500,or 3000 without the fuel injection. Using theextra 500 I can change to carburetion. Obviously I would like the injection, but am afraid of the headachesrequired to get it operating. F.A.S.T has a computer/harness conversion forit but at $2100 It is out of the question. Do you have any budget conscience info I can use to get the factory injection working?
Thank you, O Teacher of Tech.



I would keep the stock injection in a New York minute, possibly adding theMP 2-Bbl non-beer-barrel intake, depending on your preference for a torquecurve.

Assuming you have access to the wreck, just take the entire wiring harness.Then get a 2001 truck FSM and make the wiring in your ’71 “look” like a 2001truck!

Beyond the floor pan mods, this is a straightforward swap, although youwill, obvioulsy, need to do some wiring cutting / splicing. Just a fewdetails come to mind beyond that:

You’ll need an electric fuel pump. If you can’t adapt aninternal-regulator tank/pump setup from a late truck, you’ll need anexternal regulator and return line from the rail.

It’s gonna be tough to get the speedometer working. If it were mine, I’dcontemplate taking the guts from the 2001 speedo and adapting it to the”shell” and face of the ’71 speedo.

If you DON’T use the stock 2001 electronics, getting the tranny to shiftwill be difficult. Later 518s, such as yours, have electronic governors.

Be sure to use 3/8″ cooler lines and 3/8″ in-tank cooler (or external.)


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