600 CFM Carb For 318

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jacob burnett, graham, WA, 1970 dodge dart 318

I have a 1970 Dodge Dart with a 318. It has dual exhaustand headers. I would like to know if my 600 cfm Holley carb would be a goodupgrade over the stock 2 bbl? And do I need different linkage for throttleor transmission?



Assuming square-bore, a 600 CFM carb is probably spot-on. However, don’texpect 100% performance and driveability without some tuning (jets, accel.pump cam and squirter, secondary spring, etc.). Use the smallest manifoldyou can find, gotta be dual plane.

The throttle cable might just make it. If not, you can make up a simpleextension using a piece of scrap aluminum with two holes, one slips over thecarb lever stud, one get bolted (small machine screw) to the inside of thecable clevis.

The kickdown rod may have enough adjustment, if not, you’ll need either astock 340/360 4-Bbl rod, or a bit of fab’ing to extend it. Whatever you do,be sure the tranmission kicks down properly, otherwise it will burn up inshort order.


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