308 Heads On 360

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Tom Butler, Hollidaysburg, PA , 1978 Dodge Aspen 360

I have a questions about heads for my 360. I currently hasa set of J heads on the motor, but the heads are starting to get a littletired. I was wondering about a set of 308 heads and I believe that I founda set in a ’89 van, but I can’t see the casting number to be sure or not.Did these heads come in vans as well as trucks? I also have a set of E-58heads from a cop car engine. Should I save myself some trouble and freshenup the J heads, or should I go for the other heads. Thanks for the help andthe great tech articles!



Yes, B-vans were trucks too, and we all bemoan their sad fate at the handsof Stuttgart.

The 308s you found are very, very similar to the J’s on the intake side, andquite a bit better on the exhaust – virtually as good as W-2s! Plus, theexhaust seats are induction hardened, saving another expense and hassle. Sothere’s no question which heads to use. The mid/late 70s smallblockproduction heads – ALL of ’em – were pretty sad pieces.


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