MP Dual-Plane And Holley 650 On 360 Heads

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Josh Tracy, Kirkland, WA, 1969 Plymouth Sport Satellite

I’ve got the MP dual plane intake and a Holley 600 plantedon top, now I am wondering if I can swap on a set of 360 heads? Will theybolt on and what else would I have to change if they do? New exhaustmanifolds, any valve train issues? Stuff like that…..and what is the “gain/ pain” ratio, will it be worth the trouble? Thanks, Josh



Basically, they will bolt on. You’ll lose a tad of compression depending onexactly which year heads you use. The extra flow will more than make up forthe reduced CR, although the exact gain will depend on which 360 heads youuse! Best are the ’89-92 “308” castings, next best are the early-’70s “J”heads (which, unfortunately, do not have induction hardened valve seats.)

Doing the heads alone will be a total bolt-on, but, while you’re at it, aset of hi-po 340 exhaust manfolds or headers, and a mild (but upgraded) cam,will help you get the most from the least. With some careful planning, 260 -280 HP is pretty easy.


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