’68 ‘Cuda Header Leak

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scott goplen, richland center, WI, 68 ply cuda 340

I put a set of headers on my ‘Cuda and they leak and leak.I exchanged the summit ones for Hedman, I bought 3 diff sets of gaskets,they leak between the head and gasket on most ports. There seems to be apinky sized hole under each exhaust port and that may be the problem, but Ican’t figure out why the leak. I found a 255 and a 23 stamped under therockers but cant seem to figure what heads these are they are suppose to bemopar swirl port type i know they arent magnum these have 5 bolt covers.ihavent seen the holes under the ports on any other heads so i dont knowwhats going on here. Any ideas on what heads these are and to why they leakso terribly?


Sure sounds like there’s a set of ’70’s emissions heads on there. They haveair-injection ports – small holes – on the bottom of each exhaust port.

The fix is pretty simple. Take the headers back off. Stuff oily rags in eachexhaust port. Run a 1/4″-20NF tap through each of the injector holes (nodrilling required, they are sized right for the tap.) Then screw in a shortLoctite-coated 1/4″-20 Allen set screw unitl it is just below the surface.Pull out the rags, bolt the headers back on. Fixed.


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