’68 Dart Charging

Tech Question

joe hobbs, beavercreek, OH, 1968 dodge dart gts 383

i have an electrical problem my car has a new electronicsystem and was working fine then it started to act up for some reason thebattery wont stay charged it will start and run fine when i turn it off itwont restart like the battery is dead the battery is new the alterntor isnew belt is tight cant figure out what draining the battery when the carsoff one thing i have noticed is the passenger side turn front signal doesntwork right everything else is good all lights and turn signals work evenflashers not sure what to do car has just completed restoration and imafraid to drive anywhere because it might not start can you please give mesome help it would be appreciated

jeez did you ever hear of punctuation ok ill give it to you the same way soyoull see what a pain this is ok you have to find out if the battery isreally being drained like an ignition off draw somewhere or if it is notbeing properly charged this could be an alternator regulator or wiringproblem or maybe the starter motor drags when it gets hot or evenoveradvacned ignition spark timing and yes it could even be a simple badbattery like a shorted cell there are lots of possibilities anyone who knowsanything about electricity can troubleshoot it easily yes its much easierand faster to type this way but it sure is harder to read right


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