360 Swap For 318 ’91 Ram 250

Tech Question


David Gutchess, Nashville, MI, 1991 Dodge W250 318

I have a gutless 1991 Dodge 3/4 Ton 4×4 pickup. I want todo an engine swap I have a fresh 1979 360 that I want to install. Myquestion is will my TBI off my 318 work on the 360, being a higherdisplacement? And if so were do I get rebuild kits for the throttle body?Thank you for your time I will be waiting.



Will it “work”, i.e, start and run: Yes. Will it work right? No. 360s had adifferent intake manifold and throttle body / injector.

The right way to do this is to find a junkyard ’91 360, take the TBI,manifold setup, and computer. Then you’ll have, effectively, a totally stock’91 360 engine.

Sleazy “out” number one is to keep the 318 stuff and install an adjustblefuel pressure regulator, increasing the fuel pressure to ‘cover’ the addeddisplacement. Requires a chassis dyno and wide-range O2 sensor to tunepassably.

Sleazy “out” number 2: put a carburetor on it.

For truck use, it’s really hard to beat a complete ’93-up 360 Magnum (SMPI),but that’s a whole other story!


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