727 Won’t Upshift

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Dan Michalek, White Pigeon, MI 1989 Dodge Caravan 360

Dr. E-berg, I have a TorqueFlite question for ya, I have anA-727 out of a ’78 Lil Red Express in my Caravan(!) It has the MP shift kit,plus the 5.0 lever, a Transpack kit, all the good MP clutches and bands,etc. The problem is, no matter where I set the TPV, The darn thing shiftsout of low at 4200 in drive,W.O.T. and my new 360 wants way more than that.2-3 happens about 5200, which is ok.

Is this a heavy govenor problem, or should I switch to the full comp valvein the valve body?

P.S.- YOU THE MAN! I used to disagree with your single plane theory, butafter running this motor with a torker 340, You made a believer out of me!My only problem now is, trying to figure out what to do with all the dualplanes I have laying around!



There used to be several high-upshift (i.e., lighter) governor weight setsavailable for the later (large-dia.) governor setups such as yours – fromapps. as diverse at RWD Colts to 4-cyl. Jeeps! Unfortunatley, most, if notall, of ’em have gone NS1. However, most of the larger tranny shops thatspecialize in T’Flies can hook you up. One guy who knows this setup insideout is Rick Allison, proprietor of A&A Transmission in Camby, IN.


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