FLING BLING – Mopar Action Article Extra

The “March of Mopars” through time, is amazing, especially when it is compressed into one space. One such space was this year’s Spring Fling, at Woodley Park, in Burbank CA. Always an outstanding show, especially from the variety of Mopes that attend, Mo’fans aren’t disappointed, no matter what their preference for nameplate or year.

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We had lensman, Jim Bowman, tote his camera to the entrance gate, to record some of the Mopars coming into the show. Then, we had him walk around to capture some of the cars he missed when he had to go to the Porta-Potty.

Even so, the photos you see here (if your computer is worming correctly If it isn’t, contact our office for a new one), represent only a fraction of the total number of Mopars that turned out to bask in the bright California sunshine. If you want to find out about all the cars that showed up, give Jim a call, and he’ll be happy to describe the few hundred or so additional cars to you over the phone. You can even call him collect. 2 a.m. is the best time.

We hope you enjoy these additional photos, because we went to a lot of trouble to bring them to you. If you don’t enjoy them, you can call the Harris Pub & Co. complaint dep’t. You can complain about anything (your wife, your kids, your bills, Richard Ehrenberg’s attitude problem, the editor being too short for the job, etc).

And that’s all we have to say about that.

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