Aussie Rear For ’68 ‘Cuda

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Gerber Pretoria, South Africa, 68 Barracadu Fastback 225

Hi Guys – I am in the process of swapping a AustralianCL/CM Valiant rear end — for bigger brakes and bolt pattern — into my ’68Barracuda fastback. Here is the rub — the mounting pads on the axle are14mm more outboard so the locating pin hole is as much more outboard. So,suggestions I’ve had:

1.) Force it – it can be done by hand quite easily don’t like this even ifthere is enough and thensome give in the new bushes – I am worried about theextra load on the shackles

2.) Reposition the locating hole to match original spacing — doable — isthere any downside?

3.) Have the mountings cut off and relocated — expensive but doable

Ideas, please.



Truthfully, I think any of those options will work OK, although cutting offand replacing the spring seats obviously is the best option, — it alsoallows you to correct U-joint angles at the same time.

Slotting the holes would be my last choice, since, under extreme conditions,the axle could move on the springs, even though this is probably just atheoretical problem.


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