331 Hemi Swap For Slant Six

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Robert Hanks, Templeton CA, 1971 Dodge Dart/Swinger 225

I own a 1971 Dodge Dart Swinger. It currently has a 225 cuin Slant Six, I found a 1957 331 cu in Hemi ($700.00) and a 360 cu in Dodgemotor ($250.00). Which would be the easier exchange? Which would be thebest cost effective and most horsepower? Could I use the stock automatictransmission? Would I have to make changes in the bell housing? Thanks forall your help!!!


Rob, the 360 is by far the easier and better swap, the 331 weighs a ton(maybe two!) But either way, the transmission has to go. With the 360, youhave seveal choices, incl. an A-904, A-727, A-500, or A-518. Be sure you getthe small-block V-8 version of whichever one you choose.

To do this the “factory” way, you also need a K-member and mounts from a V-8A-body. While you’re at it, a complete ’73-’76 K-member, disc brakes, etc.is a great upgrade, gaining you, amongst many improvements, spool-typeengine mounts.

The cheap ‘n’ easy way is to use the conversion mounts from Schumacher – see

No matter how you do this, there’s lots more that needs to change, such asthe rear axle, bigger/better brakes cooling, exhaust, etc. But it all boltsin and is quite worthwhile. Just do your homework before you get greasy!


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