’69 440 Intake

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Jim Johnson, Lawton OK, 1969 Dodge Charger 440

Rick, I just traded for a 440 for my ’69 Charger and itcame with a cast iron factory dual four barrel manifold (inline carbs)casting number 2264877, along with 2 – 500 cfm Edie carbs on it. My questionis what year(s) or motor could this have originally been on? My uneducatedguess would be a RB 383 or 413. If it works well I would like to run it asit looks pretty cool. Anyway, thanks for any reply in advance.


Jim, yes, that’s from 413s, such as the “base” 62 300H, ’59 300E, etc. Itlooks cool, sure, but almost any decent 1×4 setup will make a bunch morepower; it’s a very “low rise” intake. I think even the stock late-’60s /early 70’s iron intake manifold made more power!

It’s plenum volume, runner size and height, that matter much more thanventuri area. If you put two 625s or 750s on, then MAYBE…but driveabiltyand low-end would suck.

Incidentally, I never saw a RB 383 with anything more than a 2-Bbl.,although your manifold WOULD fit.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Don’t shoot the messenger!


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