518 Trans For Smallblock

Tech Question


Matt, Lowell, IN, 68 Plymouth Barrcuda 400+sb

I want to put an auto/overdrive unit in my ’68 Cuda. Willthe 500 or 518 bolt up with out to much fab. My neighbor and I are bothMopar nuts and we’ve been throwing this idea around. All else fails I’lljust use the Gear Vender over/under, but I want to know if the 518 will work first. Thanks and keepthe great work. Sincerly: Matt


If it’s a small block, the 518 bolts right up to the engine. Great swap!Keisler Automotive in Knoxville is said to be working on a kit to simplifythe installation, which we detailed in the mag. about 13 years ago. (Modsneeded mainly to torsion bar crossmember.) I’d suggest contacting them foran update: info@keislerauto.com


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