Daliants and Vlarts

Daliants and Vlarts


Bobby Sowers, Deer Park, TX, 1964 Plymouth Valiant 170 I think

Is it true that 1963 thru1966 Plymouth Valiants are the same body and parts can be interchanged? I just bought a ’64 Plymouth Valiant wagon and I’m on a parts search. I also hear that Dodge Darts from 63 to 66 are the same as Valiants. True? Sure would appreciate the info.Sincerely, Bobby.


Basically that’s true. Of course, Darts have a longer wheelbase, and parts that look different…are! In other words, don’t expect a Dart tail lamp to bolt onto a Valiant. But you could bolt an entire Dart nose onto a ‘Cuda,’66 Cuda nose onto your wagon, etc.

Mechanical parts are virtually identical, the sole exception, again, being wheelbase-dependent parts, e.g.: front parking brake cable, propshaft, exhpipe, etc.

Lots of mechanical parts from the later “wide body” A’s will also interchange.


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