318 Cranks

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Dale Hynes, Prince George, BC, Canada, 1969 Valiant Signet 318

I have a question which has vexed me for some time, about 318 cranks. Ihave read many books and surfed online sites to find out the true nature ofthe 318 crank. Some books say it was forged until 1967, others say forgedfrom 68-72 and even others say it was never forged. The online informationis just as sketchy with no definite answer at all. Even Chrysler’s books saydifferent things. I have always thought they were cast cranks. Can you setme straight on this subject?



They were definitely forged in the early days. The “break” (pun intended) tocast iron came in 1968. You can take that info to the bank.

Of course, HD 318-3 truck engines were premium forgings. The above info isfor passenger cars and LD trucks.


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